Unsure if Hip-Hop music found him or if he found his love for Hip-Hop music, one thing is for sure, T.O.P. and Hip-Hop became inseparable at a young age. Born and raised in Reading, PA by a single mother, T.O.P. began rapping alongside his younger brother Marqus when the two were just children. Music has always been a guiding factor and a way of life for T.O.P., who would jump at the chance to perform in front of a crowd as a child.

Now a father of two, T.O.P. takes pride in making music that is universal and appealing to people of all age groups, social classes and backgrounds. "Balance is key", explains T.O.P.. "You don't feel one specific way all of the time, so you should share all of that as an artist." It is this mindset that allows T.O.P. to make songs like "Bathroom Floor" for the ladies, as well as songs like "53 Shots" that the streets can connect to.  

T.O.P. is an acronym for (T)riumph (O)ver (P)overty and symbolizes the underdog mentality that is present throughout his music. Whether addressing broad global issues, or personal matters such as poverty, teenage fatherhood, and being separated from his most dearest friend (his brother Marqus) due to incarceration, T.O.P is known for having a "no fear" approach when creating music that gives you an in depth view of his trials, hard times, victories and defeats. Whether you're dancing, laughing, reflecting, angered or crying, everyone is certain to connect with T.O.P.'s music that will give you that "light at the end of the tunnel" inspiration.

As a songwriter, musician and member of Streetlawz, the sky is the limit for T.O.P. and the Streetlawz team. T.O.P. and Streetlawz have opened up for Meek Mill, Rick Ross, and DMX, among others.